Conner Prairie

Enjoy the quiet of the White River while rolling right through the heart of golf country

The Conner Prairie float is the perfect Half Day float for anglers in Indianapolis. You can put on in the morning and be off the water 3 PM or put on in the afternoon and catch the highly productive dusk fishing. Surprisingly scenic, this float meanders past Conner Prairie, Prairie View Golf Club, Plum Creek Golf Club, and River Glen Country Club. During the summer you will often hear golfers teeing off.

Spots of Interest

  • Clay Bank -This stretch has natural groundwater seepage entering the river from shaded banks
  • The Bend – Known to hold big fish, The Bend is an excellent place to use a sink tip line
  • Rocky Row – A straight stretch with large rock and boulders throughout the channel


Put In 146th Street
Take Out 116th Street
River Miles 4.5
Duration 4-5 hrs
Habitat Pools, Riffles, Bank Cover
Species Found Smallmouth, Channel Catfish, Sunfish
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Fly Fishing the West Fork of the White River in Indiana

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