Lafayette Trace

Enjoy the quiet of the White River while floating past Jason's favorite river cabin, SR37, Strawtown Rd Bridge, and Koteewi Park.

Float from Lafayette Trace public boat Ramp to River Bend Campground or the Clare Avenue Fishing Chateau that sleeps 4 if you are planning to stay as our guests. Lodging is free if you book two consecutive guiding trips.

Spots of Interest

  • Duck Creek – Bear Creek, Deer Creek and Long Branch merge into Duck Creek at River Mile 83.
  • Koteewi Park – Majestically scenic area with the potential to spot a Bald Eagle.
  • White River Campground – Beautiful Blue Pedestrian Bridge with lots of good pool and riffle fishing.
Put In Lafayette Trace Boat Ramp
Take Out 21373 Clare Avenue or River Bend Campground
River Miles 6
Duration 5-6 hrs
Habitat Pools, Riffles, Bank Cover
Species Found Smallmouth, Channel Catfish, Sunfish
The White River at

Fly Fishing the West Fork of the White River in Indiana

Two Forks Fishing
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